From Dublin to Liverpool,
From Belfast to London, 

From Poland to Germany,
From Malta to Greece, 

From El Salvador to Mexico City, 
From Texas to California, 

By car,
By bus,
By boat, 
By train and
By plane, 

With a cabin size suitcase, 
A change of clothes, 
And some Maxi Pads, 

Two Women Travel

Because women are denied basic health care in their own country, 
Because they are out of options,
Because there is no alternative,

Because the Church declares it’s a sin,
Because the State declared it illegal,
Because the Doctors declare their ‘conscientious objection’, 

Because women are vilified, stigmatised and criminalised, 

And these are the lucky ones, 
The ones with access to 
And a passport, 
That make it possible,

Some go alone, 
Many more order pills, 
Some find a ‘back alley’,
Others use a coat hanger or a knitting needle,
Some ‘have accidents’,
And many women die.

Even so, no woman should have to travel.


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