From Dublin to Liverpool,From Belfast to London, #TwoWomenTravel From Poland to Germany,From Malta to Greece, #TwoWomenTravel From El Salvador to Mexico City, From Texas to California, #TwoWomenTravel By car,By bus,By boat, By train andBy plane, #TwoWomenTravel With a cabin size suitcase, A change of clothes, And some Maxi Pads, #TwoWomenTravel Two Women TravelBecause women are denied basic health care in their own country, Because they are … Continue reading #TwoWomenTravel

A Repeal Blessing from Brigid

February the 1st in Ireland is Saint Brigid’s Day. It also marks the first day of the Irish spring. The country fills with daffodils, snowdrops and the promise that the prolonged dreary winter will soon be over. Ireland’s most important female Saint, second in importance only to Patrick, is celebrated with the symbol of Brigid’s … Continue reading A Repeal Blessing from Brigid